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Treasures I

This is a story to be read to children, ages 4-8. In the 1950’s Mexican families were farm laborers who migrated through the country following seasonal crops. This Mexican family, picking cherries in Michigan, is stopped by the plight of two poor orphan children whose lives entwined with theirs bring surprising treasures to both.

Treasures II

A continuation of the Martinez family for children ages 9-14. Now teenagers, the children face dilemmas and conflicts not easily solved. Faith in God is tested. Finding lost grandparents threatens the family, and would destroy it except for an unexpected treasure.

Knowing Women – Vol I

This effort took many years of work beginning in the 1970’s when I sat in a bedroom at the farmhouse where the family summered, organizing research papers on the floor, and typing on a secondhand typewriter with bird-sized type. When that draft was finished, I sent it off, ignorantly but hopefully to a publisher. Unknown to me was the turnover that had happened throughout the Catholic publishing world then looking only for the avant-garde, feminist stuff. That original book eventually became four books that even Ignatius Press, always maintaining Catholic reason and sobriety, would not consider from a person with no credentials for such an ambitious undertaking. They remained on the shelf for years with new source-updating and editing. The four are: I – A Scriptural Theology of Woman, II –Woman in the Bible, III- Woman Return to Wholeness, IV- Woman in the Church.