This little booklet began life around the dining room table when the children collated the pages of the first edition way back in the 1970’s.  It was a handout that accompanied another offering on this site, And He Brought Her to the Man.  It angered a number of women over the years. Yet, moving into a new home and introducing myself to the neighbor, she said, “Are you Nancy Cross who wrote The Woman and the Counselor?  My marriage was broken and I was about to divorce my husband when a friend gave me that booklet.  It saved my marriage.”  It is forty years since that encounter and Barb and her husband have happily sailed on through the years; hopefully with one or two others.

I am so happy and blessed to have had all these experiences, and can hardly believe that there may be some life left in these manuscripts.  Mother Theresa has given that encouragement, “So what you are doing for God is minimal and even stupidly egotistical, do it anyway.”  Well, she didn’t exactly say that, but that is how I interpret it.  And I am “doing it anyway.”  Thank you, Lord Jesus; Thank you, Holy Spirit, and Thank you, Mother Mary.