For thirty-five years I submitted articles to mostly Catholic magazines, many subjected to that lifeless, dusty place called “Publication/Sheol.” But at the time they were lively articles and still offer vital insights. The culture was stirring with feminist revolt against all constructs of what women were meant to be, beginning what has become the real war against women and seriously infecting her family – furtherance of all kinds of contraceptive methods, some lethal, open war on the womb and reproductive system whether the egg meant by God to be the enlivened beginning of a child or the living, growing child, with resultant women’s deaths and mutilations, to mention nothing of emotional devastation. Most of the articles in The Footing on the Plain books respond to this truly demonic overturn of a righteousness long accepted as God’s plan for man, woman and human life. The first book of essays is a general religious category, the second is on the family, the third on woman, and the fourth on the Church.  The table of contents has an introductory sentence for each article with a link.